A Honcoop Highbanker from Plans

See the pictures at the end of this description.  

Here is the finished highbanker project.  I made some modifications to the plans to save money, use available materials, and avoid the need for welded parts.

The biggest modifications were aluminum riffle trays assembled with a pop rivet tool and adjustable legs from salvaged aluminum crutches.

Many of the small aluminum parts were custom cut , drilled and shaped with basic hand tools. My small bench-top drill press was a tremendous asset.

The bottom line was a somewhat lighter device with adjustable legs that allow easy corrections for uneven terrain while maintaining a level machine with1 to 12 desired slope for optimum water flow and riffle action.

It was a great project although it took me a bit longer to complete in my free time than I anticipated.  But the economic savings were well worth the time and patience required.

I added aluminum channel and a cord to make use of the rock stopper very convenient. The paint job is camo outside and flat black inside.

I pop-riveted aluminum carpet edge molding to the aluminum angle tray rails. The slight angle of the molding was close to the shape of a Hungarian riffle and similar in dimensions as in the plans.  The expanded metal grizzly was pop-riveted inside the rails.  The tray handle is made from 3/8-inch aluminum rod and firmly held in place with very snug-fitting rubber cone washers.  After an ops check, I drilled small holes through the rods and inserted hairpin keepers to retain the handles in position.

Ribbed rubber matting and Miner's Moss are below the riffle tray as instructed in the plans.

The expanded metal in the lower tray is also pop-riveted to the aluminum rails as are the vertical legs. The handle has small aluminum brackets that attach the legs to the handle.  A short piece of aluminum rod is fashioned to secure the catch. Two cabinet bolt latches are mounted vertically on the upper box above the lower tray handles to secure the upper box in position.

The small bolt, acting as a holding pin, will retain the upper box in position.  I prefer to keep the bottom of the upper box smooth without the retention and positioning blocks that are called for in the plans.  This modification provides a flat surface for convenient packing in the back of my pick-up and easier to store.

The water control system was constructed according to the plans, however, all plumbing and fittings are for 1.5 inch PVC pipe since my portable Honda pump has 1.5 inch input and output ports.  If I change to a larger pump, I can easily attach the necessary adapter at the Y-pipe input.

The leg modification was the most time consuming change to the plans. A short piece of aluminum angle supports the assembly at the bottom of each leg attaching point.  The width of the vertical structure of the crutches required modifications to the bucket holder supports and a short additional piece of 3/4 X 3/4 inch wood support was added to either side of the classifying screen holder box to provide a location for the insert nuts that are needed for the lower spray bar clamps.  All four legs are adjustable in one-inch increments, which permit leveling the machine, accommodating uneven terrain, adding stability, and maintaining an optimum 1 to 12 slope for proper riffle action.

Bill Bear

GPAA Member

September 2008

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